About us

Haus Grete was rebuilt and renovated in 2019, the apartment is now available for rent to our guests again. Haus Grete is named after our grandmother, who bought the house together with her husband 65 years ago and thus created our family country home that we still enjoy using today - and share with you. We look forward to welcoming you soon as our guests.



Dear Guests, Please note the following:

  • Smoke is allowed only outside! Smoking in any room is strictly prohibited! Please use ashtrays! Cigarette butts must be disposed in the waste bag not in the garden or in front of the entrance!
  • Pets are NOT allowed on the any furniture or sleep/sit on the beds, dog- and cat droppings must be collected. Please do not let dogs or cats run free in the garden, as there is no fence, and the surrounding forests are hunting ground!
  • When you leave the house always lock the door, make sure that all windows are closed, all electrical appliances are turned off and all open fires (candles, fireplace) are extinguished.
  • For the dishwasher in the kitchen, detergent in tablet form is available for you. From an environmental point of view, set the dishwasher only when it is full.
  • Please use in the kitchen the cutting boards for cutting food!
  • The provided bed linen, towels and kitchen towels are for your use. Please deposit at check-out the used clothes in the entrance room on the ground floor.
  • Please do not throw anything except of toilet paper in the toilets.
  • The use of the outdoor fireplace is not permitted.
  • BBQ is permitted only with the provided gas BBQ outside in the garden. Accelerators or open fires are prohibited.
  • If the plants on the terrace appear withered, you may water them.
  • Waste disposal: The waste containers are in the kitchen. Use them only with trash bags. The bins for residual waste (black) and paper (red) and the yellow bag are located at the parking lot, the yellow bag is only for PET bottles without cap!
  • At the end of your vacation please empty and clean out the refrigerator.
  • Arrival time is between 16.00 and 19.00 o` clock and on departure day you leave at latest by 10.00 o´clock.

We expect you to leave the house in an orderly and clean state so that we will finish a complete cleaning in time before the next guests arrive. The house should be swept when you leave. You don’t need to do a basic cleaning. Please do not move the furniture! Please take care of our house and its interiors. We and our next guests are grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Thank you very much and enjoy your holiday!